African Boy as a Safari Guide

I believe in the old African proverb “The eye never forgets what the heart has seen”. A phrase that best describes the feeling one gets after visiting Africa and seeing her beauty. Born and raised in Kenya, I grew up accustomed to the marvelous thrills of the African bush life.

Africa is mystic, A beauty like no other. Her lure is irresistible to all, even those born and raised here, like me, whose love for the African wilderness encouraged him to pursue tour guiding studies and photography at The Kenya Institute of Tourism and Hospitality where I earned Diploma in Tour Guiding and Tour Operations in Wildlife and Conservation.

Am also a certified Ornithologist by Nature Kenya under National Museum of Kenya.

Am also a Travel life Organization Certified Member.

Rated member of the Kenya Professional Safari Guides Association, an independent non-profit making body created for the certification of Safari Driver Guides, Lodge Naturalists and other individuals within the Tourism Sector. .

The scope’s of my guiding is wide. Guiding large and small groups of visitors on private tours, Photography groups,cultural and history safaris, wildlife and nature safaris, Gorilla treks, mountain climbing, wildebeest migrations safaris among others for over 15 years with Great Experience in Tour Guiding career.

I am a seasoned photographer.

Jambo! And Karibu Africa Kenya.

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