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Arusha National Park

Arusha National Park is located in Arusha. Arusha, formerly Northern Region administrative region is located in northern Tanzania, East Africa. It is bordered on the northeast by Kenya. The Serengeti Plain lies in the northwest, and the Masai Steppe, broken only by isolated gneiss hills, lies in the south. In the central area of the region are the Crater Highlands, bordering portions of the East African Rift System. Volcanic activity and faulting have created broad lava plains and volcanic massifs such as Mount Meru (14,979 feet [4,566 metres]) and the occasionally active Oldoinyo Lengai (9,442 feet [2,878 metres]). Rainfall varies from 70 inches (1,800 mm) annually on Mount Meru to 20 inches (508 mm) on the semiarid plains. Terrain ranges from wooded savannas and montane forests to alpine areas.

The city hosts the National Natural History Museum, which contains three exhibits on early man, plants and animals of the region, and the history of the city. The Natural National History Museum used to be an administration outpost for the Germans in the 1900s. It was opened in 1987 as a public museum and displays important assets to the scientific community such as models of Australopithecus people, human ancestors that lived over 2 million years ago.

A small museum adjacent to the Uhuru monument displays information about the proceedings of the 1967 Arusha Declaration.

What to do in Arusha:

  • Kayaking with Rivertrees in Arusha National Park.
  • Game drives with Shu’Mata Camp.
  • ClimbMount Meru
  • Canoeing on Lake Momella
  • Nature Walk at Lake Duluti
  • Visit the National Natural History Museum Arusha
  • Go shopping at the Maasai Market
  • Visit the Maasai Women Fair Trade Centre
  • Take a Village Tour in Usa River
  • Swim at the Chemka Hot Springs
  • Refresh at the Machweo Wellness Retreat
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