Lake Turkana Safari and Cultural Festival

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All about the Lake Turkana Safari and Cultural Festival.

The lake Turkana Festival takes place annually in Loiyangalani,a small town
located on the south-eastern coast of Lake Turkana.The name means“a place of
many trees”in the native Samburu tongue and is home to the ElMolo,an almost
extinct community,amongst other communities.Its main industries include
fishing, tourism and gold panning.
The 3 day carnival is a celebration of the rich cultures of the ElMolo,Samburu,
Gabbra,Rendile,Watta,Dasannach and theTurkana all who live around the Jade
Sea.The Lake Turkana Festival is worth attending as you explore this northern
frontier and enjoy the myriad of colorful cultures while discovering the hidden
treasures of Lake Turkana.

  1. Day 1 Nairobi – Sweetwaters/ Ol Pejeta Game Sanctuary(Approx3 hrs 30 min)
    This morning we depart Nairobi and proceed north, driving through lush tea and
    coffee estates to Sweetwaters Tented Camp. Sweetwaters land, the Ol Pejeta
    Conservancy and its sumptuous ranch were once the private domain of famed
    multi-millionaire, Adnan Kashoggi.
    We visit the Chimpanzee Sanctuary, a charming haven established by the Jane
    Goodall Institute to provide sanctuary to orphaned chimps, and the specially
    protected and fenced refuge of black rhino with its stunning forty specimens! In
    fact Sweetwaters boasts excellent game viewing with the highest ratio of game to
    area of any park or reserve in Kenya.
    Moreover, the camp has its own private waterhole and salt lick so we’ll be
    guaranteed unprecedented close encounters. Whether its day or night game
    drives, camel trekking, lion tracking, al fresco dining or relaxing by pool,
    Sweetwaters is bound to delight.
    Overnight at Sweetwaters Serena Tented Camp
    Meal Plan {Lunch & Dinner}
  2. Day 2 Samburu Game Reserve (Approx 3 Hours)


    Leave Olpajeta Conservancy after breakfast to Samburu, heading north of
    Nanyuki town, you’ll continue eventually reaching a dusty outpost known as
    Isiolo, the last major stop on the journey into the remote northern frontier
    district. From here it’s a fairly short hop to Samburu. Arrival at the camp in time
    for lunch and then depart for an afternoon game drive returning to the lodge as
    the sunsets.
    Overnight at Ashnil Tented Camp
    Meal Plan {Lunch & Dinner}


  3. Day 3 & 4 Samburu Game Reserve
    Early morning game drive is followed by breakfast, and time to relax by the camp
    pool or the terrace overlooking the river. After lunch there will be another game
    drive returning to the camp as the sun sets.
    Overnight at Ashnil Tented Camp
    Meal Plan {Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner}
  4. Day 5 : Samburu to Loiyangalani (via Laisamis) (approx 8 hrs drive)
    Samburu to Loiyangalani (via Laisamis) (approx 8 hrs drive)
    Early breakfast enjoying another spectacular sunrise before departing towards
    the beautiful Jade Sea where the settlement of Loiyangalani is located. We pass
    by the massive flat topped Samburu sacred mountain known as Mount Ololokwe
    with its sheer cliffs and turn off towards Laisamis. The drive takes us through
    dramatic scenery going through the infamous ‘milgis lugga’ (the huge seasonal
    river that winds its way between the Matthews range and the Ndoto mountains),
    to the north of the Ndoto mountains and east of Ol donyo mara before arriving at
    Lake Turkana via the large windmills of the Lake Turkana wind power project.
    The view of Lake Turkana is particularly breathtaking and we stop for you to
    enjoy views of the Jade sea with sightings of local fishermen/Turkana huts in the
    far distance. Time depends; we visit the festival grounds where the cultural
    village and inhabitants have set up.
    Overnight at Malabo Camp
    Meal Plan {Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner}
  5. Day 6 & 7 Loiyangani (cultural festival)
    The next 2 days will be spent with the local communities exhibiting their culture
    and you will get a chance to interact with them as well as learn about their
    culture. The program will include: boat racing, Moran race, wresting; displays of
    traditional foods as well as dances by the various tribes.
    Apart from that; optional activities (organized and payable direct) include: – the
    option of hiring a boat to visit the surrounding area, visit the desert museum,
    visit the local lodge for a swim and walk around town. In the evening; you may
    venture towards the site for more traditional dances and desert ‘disco’!
    Overnight back at the campsite.
    Overnight at Malabo Camp resort
    Meal Plan {Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner}
  6. Day 8 Loyangalani to Samburu Ashnil Camp

    Loyangalani to samburu Ashnil camp for overnight because of a long drive from turkana 8hrs drive .