Have you met Craig? The Super-tusker of Amboseli

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He’s one of the largest Tuskers and among the most researched elephants in Kenya.Born in 1972.Craig is one of the last of his kind. A ‘Super Tusker’ an elephant with tusks weighing more than 50 kg each, and perhaps one of the best known elephants alive today.

It is estimated that perhaps only 20 super tuskers remain alive today, spread between the Tsavo-Amboseli eco-system in South East Kenya. Spending time in their presence is one of the most exhilarating and breathtaking experiences available to a wildlife photographer and holiday makers, making you wonder what it must have been like to spend time on safari many decades ago when sights like this one would have been more frequent.The key to the survival of these beautiful giants is the protection of the environment in which they live. With Kenya’s human population set to double each and every year making it difficult for conservation, the competition for space is at risk of eliminating the last handful of super tuskers.Discover in the wild 😜 with Ericonsafari photography.Let’s conserve our Heritage.

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