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We are a tour agency in Kenya with over 15 years experience in tailored safaris! Eric Onsafari Photography and Safaris is a registered Company in Kenya, operating in the tourism and Hospitality Industry. Founded in 2008 by Eric Koech, a seasoned tour guide from Kenya and wildlife photographer, Eric OnSafari Photography and Safaris is a leading tours and travel company in Kenya staffed with a team of expert tour guides in East Africa. We understand the culture and history of this wonderful corner of the world.

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Simply Spectacular Safari

Words seem inadequate to describe our safari. It was simply fabulous! This was my second time on safari with Eric. My first safari went so well, I asked him to guide our second one. Eric’s knowledge on the animals, birds, flora and fauna are unmatched. Whatever your interest, he will meet it!
Edandbritta. Tennessee USA, March 2023

Beat safari guide and travel planner!

Eric is the best guide ever. So knowledgeable about all the birds, animals,and plants. He's an excellent driver, which is not to be taken lightly. From picking up at the airport to dropping us off, if was seamless. The accommodations he arranged where all great. I look forward to another safari with Eric.
Ingrid S. Florida USA, March 2023

Knowledgeable and fantastic photography guide

Eric is a fantastic guide! We traveled with him for 12 days across different national parks. He’s patient, considerate, and very very knowledgeable. And he’s got very good eyes - he could spot animals so so well! He also understands the light well for photography so it’s a huge plus for photographers. Will definitely use him again when I return to Kenya. Highly recommended!
Pen San Francisco, September 2022

A wonderful guide in Nairobi

Eric was a wonderful guide always on time, very courteous! I was traveling on my own but he was gracious in taking many pictures of me. He was very easy to understand, friendly and extremely knowledgeable about what to do and where to take me. I spent two days with him in Nairobi before my safari to Kenya and Tanzania started. Without naming my tour group- suffice it to say that Eric was head and heels above my other two guides ! In short he was wonderful
Randy Kamen New Jersey, September 2022

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