The unique mating nature of Maasai Mara leopards

Famous and mostly photographed “KAZURI” (means Beautiful ❀️) the female Leopard and the male Leopard “SPLIT 🐽 NOSE” ….Very interesting πŸ€”….

But did you know that!!!!

Leopards mate every 15 minutes for up to 5 days and lasts only a couple of seconds?

This means that they can mate more than 250 times 😳 WOW

Although this may seem a little excessive, in leopards, the female requires a stimulus to start ovulation,

This is possible when the female’s hormone levels rise enough to produce eggs in a process called oestrus.

When a female enters oestrus she will and mark her territory more frequently, thereby attracting the dominant male in the area.

To stimulate the female to ovulate male leopards have barbs on their penises which dig into the female.

These barbs make retracting the penis painful for the female which causes her to lash out at the male – you can see her reaction to the male from my πŸ“Έ above….. enjoy

Leopards are a solitary breeder,

Males leave after mating frequently for about a week and the m

If mating was successful, the gestation period will last about 90 to 100 days.

On average of 2 to 3 cubs are born.

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will take no part in rearing the cubs.