“Scarface”,the Former King of Masai Mara

Visit https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7U5CNYQiAMU&t=298s to view the adventurous life of Scarface.

“Scarface” Lion – Maasai Mara National Reserve

In Africa Kenya there lived a Male lion legend named Scarface,He got his name after defending his territory from other intruding males at the age of 6. Sadly he rested in peace on the 11th of June 2021 at the age of 14 yrs old. He was the most iconic and celebrated lion in Masai Mara national reserve,He was a former member of the 4 musketeers pride morani,hunter and sekio ,long lived Scarface after meeting the life expectancy of a lion which is meant to be 10-15 yrs old

Having taken his last peacefully without disturbance from the hyenas or vehicles only with his young teenagers 3 Salas boys after feasting on an hippo ,he was laid to rest by the order of the Kenya wildlife service ,change is always blowing through the lands of mara as new emerging stronger male coalition replace the old coalition within their territories which is a way of life

A young Scarface