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The East African Safari Classic Rally

The East African Safari Classic Rally is the world’s toughest historic rally with its history traced back to the 1950’s. It was first held from 27th May 1953 as the East African Coronation Safari in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania in celebration of the Queen Elizabeth II coronation.

In 1960, the event was renamed East Africa Safari Rally which incorporated other drivers from the East African states. The name was retained till 1974 when it became the SAFARI RALLY.

The Safari was less a rally than an adventure. To get through 6000 kilometres of rain, wild animals. Remembering about the early days of the Classic.

This year’s East African Classic Safari Rally is a nine full day event covering almost 5,000km across Kenya, starting in Naivasha and ending in Watamu.

But here at Amboselli national park it’s not exceptional Wow spectacular wonderful breathtaking and Amazing rally in the Jungle with the wildlife being part of the Safari rally.

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